CREZplaymaker gives any basketball coach the ability to draw, print, and store basketball play diagrams in digital format. The next time you are at a clinic, you can store the presenter’s plays by name and then easily find these plays months or years later. If you want to show diagrams to your players CREZplaymaker is the tool of choice. Great for whether at home, practice or on the road!

See CREZplaymaker in action:

 CREZplaymaker includes all the fantastic CREZscorer features as well as the following:

  1. Multiple methods for diagramming plays
    • Quickly draw plays using freehand sketching or formatted graphics
    • Draw plays using either a digital pen (with Tablet PC) or standard mouse
    • Additional features to clean up your free hand or mouse drawn play diagrams
    • Full control over ink color, size of scripts, and ink thickness
    • Create custom reusable templates with any size of full or half court diagrams and text boxes
    • Enter text anywhere on screen or in text boxes

  2. Transfer plays
    • Automatically insert play diagram pages into scouting reports
    • Simply cut and paste functionality to other programs such as Word and Powerpoint

  3. Stores Plays by Coach
    • Plays are stored by coach
    • Create multiple play pages per coach using any template
    • Bundle play pages into user-titled playbooks by play type, by season, and so on
    • Store diagrams for an entire career
    • Play diagramming, printing and storing of plays has never been easier!

  4. Scouting
    • Create play calls for tagging game video - break down your video by offense and defense
    • Create filelinks anywhere on your diagrams - video links to help show spacing and timing