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Not Just a Fantasy Sport Anymore

Guys and sports had never been the same with the onset of online games. Take for example, the most addictive way to be up-to-date with football while taking on your mates each week. There’s nothing quite like NRL fantasy. How can there be?

This online game has participants assembling imaginary virtual teams made up of real players of the sport. Teams compete on the statistical performance of the participants’ players just like any real sport.

The old scenario of guys cheering in front of the TV is still a site to see. However, the psychology of it all is all guys want to play sports but can’t. But now, they can even manage their own teams online.

How to Play NRL

* Classic Way. You pick a squad with a low salary, pick undervalued players and work at having a star super team by the end of the year.

* NRL Draft. The NRL fantasy draft can be tailor-made by the participant picking the league size, how the draft will work, and the time available for each pick of players… those sorts of things. If you can’t decide on a player on the given time, the game will make the picking out for you based on the prices of the player or on a draft order you made.

FPL Draft

On the same fantasy game level, EPL fantasy or English Premier League online game has the FPL Draft.

There’s a biggie in this game involving managers making it more challenging. However, no worries because this fantasy premier league is free, and it complements the regular game.

* Choose from private leagues of 2-16 managers or enter the public leagues with strangers that have up to eight managers.

* A squad should have 15 players: two goalkeepers, five midfielders, five defenders and three forwards.

* A player can only be in one squad.

* The draft happens with the player selection of the managers. Unlike in the NRL fantasy where you have a full say on what totally happens during the draft, FPL Draft is different because managers have one transfer wildcard.

How to Always Win in Fantasy Football

Sounds exciting so far, right? But how does one, as a manager at least virtually, assemble an AFL dream team?

* Manage the Team – At least on a weekly basis, manage your team. A player that got injured needs to have his team’s roster adjusted.

* Know Your Stats and Match-Ups or Don’t Play – Don’t select your players based on emotions. Instead, do it like the fantasy pros: know your numbers and match-ups.

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